Advantages of Ambulatory Phlebectomy for Vein Removal

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Ambulatory phlebectomy is an effective procedure for patients who have varicose veins. It’s performed as an outpatient procedure, and the patient is given local anesthesia. This procedure is often ideal for patients who have significantly large varicose veins that are swollen and reside near the surface of the skin.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is different than vein stripping because it only involves tiny incisions. Vein stripping involves larger incisions. As such, ambulatory phlebectomy is minimally-invasive.

Varicose veins affect millions of Americans, and although they’re rarely dangerous, they can be indicators of underlying cardiovascular issues. If you’re considering ambulatory phlebectomy for vein removal, the procedure has several advantages to offer.

No General Anesthesia

Many patients have a fear of general anesthesia. Ambulatory phlebectomy doesn’t require the use of general anesthesia, so it’s a great option to consider. During the procedure, we’ll use local anesthesia to numb the area around the vein, which reduces the risk of complications. Since there are several additional risks associated with general anesthesia, you can avoid these risks if you choose to go with ambulatory phlebectomy.

Long-Term Success Rate

The long-term success rate for this procedure is high, so you have the peace of mind knowing that the odds of success are stacked in your favor. Many patients are concerned that the varicose veins will come back after they’ve been treated. If you choose to undergo an ambulatory phlebectomy, you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem because it involves the removal of the affected vein. The risk of the vein coming back to cause problems is extremely low.

Better for Large Veins

One of the greatest advantages of this procedure is that it’s ideal for large veins. Some other procedures aren’t nearly as effective for large veins, and ambulatory phlebectomy works particularly well for veins that are close to the surface of your skin. It could be a great procedure if you have large veins, but it can also be very effective for smaller veins.

Reduced Risk of Skin Necrosis

Several procedures that are used to treat varicose veins can put you at risk for skin necrosis, which is also called hyperpigmentation. The advantage of ambulatory phlebectomy is that it puts you at a much lower risk for skin necrosis.

Learn More About the Advantages

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