Advantages to Getting an Ultrasound at Advanced Vein Center

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At the Advanced Vein Center, we offer patients and providers a new alternative to hospitals and busy clinics, delivering advanced imaging technology and expedited results.

When you’re in need of an ultrasound, the last thing you want to do is wait for an appointment, and wait even longer for your results. But often, due to high demand and industry-wide staffing challenges, hospitals and chain clinics have long wait times for ultrasound services. At the Advanced Vein Center in Portland, ME, we provide patients access to high quality imaging services, fast.

What exactly is an ultrasound?

By directing low-intensity sound waves towards an area of the body, ultrasound imaging (diagnostic medical sonography) can create detailed images of internal structures.

These images allow for a more accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of health conditions, from joint problems to vein conditions to issues affecting one’s internal organs. An ultrasound can also capture images of a developing fetus in the womb for expecting parents.

Why go to Advanced Vein Center for your ultrasound needs?

Faster Service

At the Advanced Vein Center, we reserve regular openings for ultrasound appointments to minimize wait times and allow patients to schedule their day accordingly. There’s no need to spend endless hours in the waiting room. Arrive in a timely manner for your scheduled appointment, speak with a qualified healthcare professional, and receive the speedy, personalized service you’re after.

Faster Results

Ultrasound results are vital when it comes to developing an effective treatment plan and giving patients and providers peace of mind. The quicker you receive results, the quicker treatment can be administered.

We get your results fast, sharing them with your medical team to move forward with your care.

If you’re a patient in need of an ultrasound or a provider looking for a reliable, experienced center to send your patients to for fast ultrasound services, contact us today!