Do’s and Don’ts: Exercising with Varicose Veins

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If you’re suffering from painful varicose veins, chances are you may be skipping out on your exercise routine in fear that you’ll experience even more discomfort or make the veins appear worse. Incorporating exercise into daily life is critical not only for your vein health, but also your cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Choosing your exercises wisely can actually benefit you in the long run and promote healthy blood flow in your legs. Here are the best (and worst) exercises for those suffering with varicose veins:


Walking – Walking is the perfect low-impact exercise to increase blood flow and relieve leg pain.

Swimming – This a great, low-impact option that gets your heart, lungs and muscles working without putting stress on joints and lower extremities.

Stationary Bike & Elliptical – Working the calf muscles and improving blood flow without placing stress on the joints and legs.


Running – Running will get the feet and calf muscles moving but the high-impact motion of “pounding on the pavement” can aggravate varicose veins and lead to swelling.

Weight Lifting – Weight lifting is a strenuous exercise that can put a lot of pressure on your lower leg circulation and it can make existing varicose veins worse. If you feel that you can’t survive without lifting weights… ensure you have proper form, use lighter weights and higher repetition routines. Also, don’t forget to wear your compression stockings while lifting, as they help assist moving the blood upward toward the heart.

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