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Conveniently located to service Portland, Westbrook, Scarborough, Lewiston and the neighboring communities in Maine.

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Expedited Imaging Services In Portland, ME

For premium expedited imaging services, the Advanced Vein Center, conveniently located in Portland, Maine, is your ideal choice. We serve Westbrook, Scarborough, Lewiston, and the neighboring communities in Maine and New Hampshire.

Advanced Vein Center’s Expedited Imaging Services

Our expedited imaging services offer a swift, comfortable alternative to traditional hospital imaging. With our state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, we deliver prompt, premier imaging services with minimal wait times. Our conveniently located office, just off Congress Street, offers ample parking, making your visit stress-free.

Why Choose Advanced Vein Center for Expedited Imaging?

At the Advanced Vein Center, our expedited imaging services ensure you get your results without prolonged waiting periods. Our private clinic is convenient to access and offers a comfortable, inviting environment. With us, you can expect quicker appointments and faster results than typically available in hospitals. This expedited process can prevent health issues from worsening by allowing for quicker treatment.

Imaging Services We Offer

Our experts at the Advanced Vein Center provide ultrasound imaging services. Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, employs high-frequency sound waves to generate images of your internal anatomy. These images help detect issues like:

– Circulatory problems

– Joint inflammation

– Conditions affecting organs and glands, like gallbladder disease and thyroid gland problems

– Tissue abnormalities, such as tumors, cysts, and lumps

Expedited Ultrasound Imaging for Vascular Conditions

We frequently use ultrasound imaging to diagnose and treat vascular conditions. Some commonly performed ultrasound tests include Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) Exams, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Exams, and Venous Reflux Exams.

Prescription for Ultrasound Imaging

We do require a prescription from your healthcare provider to ensure accurate imaging for your condition. You can email this through our patient portal, fax it, or bring it physically during your appointment.

Ultrasound Imaging Procedure

Ultrasound imaging is a simple, painless process. You may need to change positions during the imaging. The water-based ultrasound gel used will be gently wiped off once the imaging is done, after which you can return to your daily schedule.

When Will I Get My Results?

Our expedited imaging services ensure you get your results as quickly as possible. In many cases, results are available within 24 hours* and are communicated directly to the ordering provider.

Cost and Insurance

We offer our high-quality imaging services at competitive prices. The cost will vary based on the service needed. We accept most major insurances. However, for walk-in or same-day appointments, pre-approval may not be possible. In such cases, we’ll provide a comprehensive receipt for services that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

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*Excluding weekends. While we aim to provide results within 24 hours, it isn’t guaranteed.

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The expert team at Advanced Vein Center is proud to offer advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for leg vein disorders. Conveniently located on Congress Street in Portland, we offer leading vein services to men and women in Westbrook, Scarborough, Lewiston and the neighboring communities in Maine. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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