Frequently Asked Questions

, Frequently Asked Questions


What is the consultation process?

A full consultation entails an ultrasound exam with one of our sonographer and Dr. Abrahamsen. At the end of the ultrasound, Dr. Abrahamsen will go over the results and create a customized treatment plan based on the ultrasound findings. At the end of your appointment, you’ll meet with our practice manager to go over a complete cost estimate based on your recommended treatment plan. This visit is billed to insurance and the out of pocket cost is determined by your insurance coverage/individual plan and if your deductible has been met.


What types of insurance do you accept?

We participate with most insurance companies. We also accept Medicare and MaineCare!


Do I need a referral to be seen at Advanced Vein Center?

A referral from your primary care physician may be necessary depending on the type of insurance plan you have. Typically, HMO plans need referrals. We also require that all MaineCare patients have referrals from their primary care physician.





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