How to Improve Blood Circulation in the Winter

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As the winter holidays approach, it is important to keep your leg health top of mind. Promoting good blood circulation is essential to maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Poor circulation can result in some troublesome issues, such as leg pain, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Below are some tips and tricks to improve your circulation this winter:

  • Exercise – As tempting as it is to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate, it’s important to get moving! Physical activity keeps your heart healthy and daily exercise gets your blood flowing. Try cardio activities such as walking, jogging and swimming.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet – Skip highly processed foods which are high in salt, fat and sugar. Eat more whole foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.
  • Stop Smoking – Old habits die hard, but one of the many negative consequences of smoking is reduced blood circulation. Smoking can slow your body’s ability to circulate your blood properly, and can lead to narrowed blood vessels.
  • Try Dry Brushing – Daily dry brushing will not only exfoliate your skin, but it can also increase your circulation and stimulate your nervous system.
  • Get a Massage – Deep massages can stimulate blood flow and improve vascular function.
  • Elevate your Legs – Elevating your legs is a good way to directly improve circulation and relieve stress on your veins and legs.

The winter months can be hard on our bodies, but if you take the proper precautions this season, you’ll be ready for those summer shorts and beach days! If you have existing leg pain and veins that you’d like to have evaluated, our team would be happy to schedule a complimentary leg screening. Give us a call for details at 207-772-1820. Our office is located in South Portland, Maine, right across from the Curtain Shop!