How Vein Disorders Can Cause Leg Pain

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Vein disorders can be difficult to pinpoint, since they aren’t always visible for the average person. Oftentimes, leg pain caused by varicose or spider veins brings patients to a doctor. Venous disorders can cause significant pain and discomfort, making it difficult for sufferers to continue an active, healthy lifestyle.

Common symptoms of vein-related leg pain include:

– General aching
– Pain accompanied by fatigue
– Sharp, burning pain
– Pain that increases with sitting or standing
– Leg pain with swelling of the leg, ankle or foot
– Leg cramping
– Restless legs at night
– Improvement with elevating the legs

In addition to leg pain, there are visible symptoms that can signify vein problems, such as:

– Red or blue visible vein networks on the skin’s surface
– Ropey, bulging veins
– Thickening or discoloration of the skin
– Open sores, or venous ulcers

At the Advanced Vein Center, we serve patients from all over the New England area. If any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, it may be time to schedule a full consultation and free leg screening. Because vein problems can have a damaging effect on the circulatory system and lead to other dangerous conditions, we encourage anyone who is suffering with leg pain to seek care as soon as possible.

There is a wide variety of treatments, ranging from non- invasive to more invasive, to help patients with unwanted leg veins. At Advanced Vein Center, we specialize in minimally-invasive treatments for venous disorders, with the ultimate goal of returning patients to optimal health as safely and quickly as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at Advanced Vein Center in South Portland. Our experienced and friendly staff will help direct you to the right information, or schedule a consultation or appointment for you. The sooner vein conditions are treated, the better the medical outcome.