Leg Ulcers and Venous Disease

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Endovenous laser treatment of the leg vein in hospital

Unfortunately, the early stages of venous disease can be easily missed if not evaluated by a professional. Spider and varicose veins, swelling in the leg, discoloration and skin thickening are all signals that you may be living with venous insufficiency. But over time, if left untreated, venous disease can result in moderate to severe venous ulcers.

What are venous ulcers?

These ulcers are open wounds that form on the leg, typically around the inner ankle and lower calf. Often, they appear where skin darkening has already begun to occur.

These ulcers form as a result of particularly insufficient blood flow, leaving the area void of proper oxygen and nutrition.

The ulcers can appear as small “scrape-like” lesions and can become much deeper, larger wounds with time.

How are they treated?

These ulcers require dressings, compression, elevation and sometimes OTC pain treatment. But even if they are ‘healed’ with these at-home remedies, without addressing the underlying cause and condition, they are highly likely to return again (and again).

Treating venous disease is a highly specialized area of medicine which is why general practitioners may not identify vein disease early and will refer you to a specialist when vein disease is suspected.

The good news is that expert vein care is available near you at the Advanced Vein Center, and with our effective treatment options, our team can help get rid of your vein ulcers while improving your overall vein health.

To evaluate your condition, our medical experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation using high-tech ultrasound technology and a physical examination of the leg(s). From there, they will create an individualized plan to help treat your existing ulcers, prevent future ulcers and get you back to living a comfortable life, free of leg discomfort.

If you have leg ulcers, or suspect you may have a venous disorder, contact us today to book a comprehensive consultation or a free telemedicine screening.