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Telemedicine at Advanced Vein Center

For many patients, vein care comes with lots of questions.

  • What kind of leg veins do I have?
  • How bad are they?
  • What kind of treatment will I need?
  • What’s the recovery like?

We are committed to ensuring patients understand their leg vein health and the treatment options available to address their individual needs.

That’s why, to help you understand whether you are a candidate for vein treatment, we offer complimentary telemedicine screenings so that you can speak with a vein expert for a brief initial overview of what your care might entail.

During a telemedicine screening, you will discuss your concerns, you will be asked to show the provider your vein(s) in question, and you will learn broadly about the services available to you at the Advanced Vein Center – all from the comfort of your own home.

Should you be interested in or qualify for care, the next step would be a comprehensive, in-person consultation with the team at the Advanced Vein Center. The consultation would include a venous ultrasound and physical examination of the vein(s) so the provider can develop a treatment plan for your condition. During that consultation, you would learn the details of treatment options available to you as well as costs and after-treatment care.

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