Physician Resources

We offer a new standard of care in the field of phlebology and chronic wound management with an expert team led by one of New England’s most experienced vein doctors. We are dedicated to providing premier outpatient medical treatments while perfecting new treatments for all aspects of leg vein and wound care, delivering an outstanding experience for patients at all stages of venous disease.

We strive to make the referral process as seamless and efficient as possible for physicians and their team members so that we can begin helping patients address their concerns. We aim to eliminate red tape and communications challenges – for both patients and physicians – often associated with medical practices.

On this page you can find our referral form for download at any time. Referrals can be sent to or faxed to our office at (207) 767-1245. Our email system is HIPAA compliant and monitored during all business hours.

Our front office team is also available to answer any questions you, your staff, or your patients might have about the referral process.

Referral Form