Reasons to Consider Vein Treatment

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More than 80 million Americans suffer from some type of vein disease. While many of these conditions manifest themselves as small cosmetic concerns, they can become life-threatening if left unaddressed. While vein disease may seem to start off as small, barely detectable problems, the condition is progressive. This is why it’s vital that patients seek out treatment for their vein disease

At Advanced Vein Center, we are dedicated to providing patients in the New England area who suffer from vein disease with a broad range of effective treatment methods to combat it, whatever their reasons for seeking treatment may be. If you’d like more information about our practice or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment, contact us today.

You’re Unhappy with the Appearance of Your Veins

Venous conditions like spider veins and varicose veins can be a significant cause for aesthetic concern in some patients. These veins typically appear on the legs or face and are difficult to get rid of without professional treatments. For patients that have these veins in prominent places, a minimally-invasive vein treatment option like sclerotherapy can be an excellent way to eliminate them without extensive downtime or discomfort.

You’ve Begun to Notice Changes in Appearance of Your Extremities

As vein disease progresses, the legs and ankles can begin to change in color. This is caused by blockages in the veins. As vein disease progresses, it becomes more difficult to pump blood through the extremities. This becomes particularly challenging in the legs and ankles because of the natural force of gravity. This change in the way that blood usually circulates can cause a change in color of the skin in these areas. Because this is often a sign that a vein disease that is slowly getting worse, it’s best to schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced vein doctor.

You’re Experiencing Debilitating Pain or Discomfort

If left unaddressed, some cases of vein disease can progress to the point that they dramatically impact the quality of lives of the people affected by them. These individuals may experience persistent shooting pain, numbness, and discomfort. In order to alleviate this pain and prevent it from occurring in the future, patients need to seek out vein treatment.

If you find yourself interested in undergoing a vein treatment for any of the above reasons, it’s important that you find a reliable, experienced practice of medical professionals. Advanced Vein Center is proud to provide patients in New Hampshire and Maine with the highest standard of vein care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.