Spider Vein Repair with Sclerotherapy

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If bothersome spider veins are taking over your skin, there are several treatment options available, but one of the most effective is sclerotherapy.

At the Advanced Vein Center, our staff is highly trained in sclerotherapy procedures, with the latest techniques employed. Sclerotherapy has been around since the 1930s and is considered an effective treatment for superficial spider veins there is.

Spider veins most often are seen on the legs, but also can occur on the abdomen, arms and even face. As you may have guessed, they get their name from their web-like look that causes red, blue or purple lines to appear on the skin.

They can be caused by many things, including vein disorders, sun damage, skin damage from injury, hormonal changes, or as a side effect from some medications. But, whatever the cause, sclerotherapy can help to clear them up and restore your skin to a healthier, more attractive appearance, so you no longer have to cover them up with clothing or cosmetics.

What To Expect

Sclerotherapy consists of injections with a very thin needle of an FDA-approved solution that scleroses the spider veins, or collapses and seals them shut. This causes them to eventually absorb back into the body and fade from the skin. There’s usually no anesthesia needed, but for patients who find the process too painful, an anesthetic can be applied.

The same technique is used to treat larger underlying veins that are damaged beneath the surface, and are causing the small spider veins to appear. Once these larger veins are treated with the injections using ultrasound imaging to pinpoint them, this effectively stops new spider veins from forming.

While it may sound serious to close and seal veins, the veins in question already are damaged and not functioning properly, or the spider veins wouldn’t appear. The body’s reaction to sclerotherapy treatment is to eliminate those damaged veins through natural processes and re-route blood flow to healthier veins nearby, repairing the venous system in the legs.

After the treatment, which is short, about 30 minutes per procedure, patients usually can resume regular activity right away. Compression stockings are recommended for use for a few days after sclerotherapy treatment, which helps blood flow in the area and improves overall results. More than one treatment may be needed for extensive spider veins or spider veins appearing in several different locations.

As always, if you have any questions about spider veins, sclerotherapy or want to talk with our experienced medical staff about vein issues, contact us at Advanced Vein Center. We serve the greater Portland area and surrounding Maine communities.