Why That Discoloration in Your Legs Can’t Be Ignored

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That discoloration on your leg is not a new birthmark. In fact, it may be a sign of stage 4 venous disease.

Below the surface of our skin are veins that carry blood through the body. That flow happens because little valves within the veins help blood circulate in a single direction toward the heart. However, when those valves are damaged, blood can begin to escape back through the valve, collecting (or “pooling”) in the leg rather than making its way effectively toward the heart. This condition is known as venous insufficiency.

As blood pools in the leg it can lead to leg swelling, and if this pooling continues, the blood can actually seep out from the damaged veins and cause discoloration in the skin. 

Beyond discoloration, other skin changes can include thickening of the skin and the formation of flaky, often itchy patches. Eventually, these diseased areas can transform into leg ulcers.

So what should you do if you see discoloration in your lower legs? Practicing a healthy, active lifestyle is key to helping prevent venous disease. But for some, genetics or other conditions and medications may have been the cause, and if discoloration has begun to occur, then professional medical treatment is likely needed to address and reverse the condition. Unfortunately, venous disease cannot be corrected on its own.

At the Advanced Vein Center, we help patients identify and understand their leg vein health, and we provide effective, safe, minimally invasive treatments to address all stages of venous disease.
If you see discoloration in your legs and would like to speak with a vein expert about the treatments available to you, contact us today to book a comprehensive consultation or a free telemedicine screening.