Your First Visit

, Your First Visit

Our experienced team of medical professionals is passionate about identifying and resolving any issues you are experiencing with your veins and helping you in any way that they can. The treatment of spider veins, EVLT, vein therapy, or varicose veins. During your initial visit, Dr. Abrahamsen will thoroughly examine your legs and address any of your concerns. During the exam, our ultrasonographer will scan your leg’s deep vein system by performing an ultrasound of both of your legs. Next, the ultrasonographer and Dr. Abrahamsen will review the images to determine your diagnosis and treatment options. Dr. Abrahamsen, one of the best vein doctors in Maine, will discuss your diagnosis and options with you in-depth. You will meet with a staff member who will explain the process of insurance prior authorization and discuss scheduling and post-operative care instructions with you. Most insurance(s) cover the procedures we perform, but there are some services that we offer that may not be covered at the cosmetic vein center. We will contact your insurance company in order to obtain pre-approval for any procedures and treatments that have been recommended. Please call your insurance company to verify the percentage they will cover for the procedure because any remaining balances will be your responsibility.

Dr. Abrahamsen believes that compression stocking therapy plays a major role in the pre and post care of your venous system issues. You will be prescribed 30-40 mmHg compression stockings to be purchased either through our office or a durable medical equipment provider. We do not work with insurance companies to cover the cost of these stockings, so it will be your responsibility to get coverage information from your carrier. Medicare does not cover the cost of the stockings unless the patient is being treated for an active leg or foot ulcer at the time of the visit. Further explanation will be discussed upon your visit with us.

Are you looking for a spider vein doctor or vein center? Our staff takes pride in the education and support that is provided to our patients, from the first appointment throughout your entire treatment time with us.

We can be contacted at 207-772-1820 with any questions you may have about your initial visit at the Advanced Vein Center.





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