Five Common Symptoms of Vein Disorders

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Vein disease is a very common issue, with about half of all adult men and women suffering from some type of venous disorder. While they can be cosmetic in nature – i.e. spider veins – many vein disorders can lead to leg pain, inability to sleep, and other life-inhibiting problems.

Though it can be difficult to figure out what’s going on beneath the skin’s surface, here are some commons signs or symptoms of a vein disorder.

1. Visible vein changes. Red, purple or blue vein networks may appear on the legs, and sometimes on the abdomen or face. These are called telangiectasia, or more commonly, spider veins, due to their web-like appearance. Another noticeable change might be bulging, twisting veins that look like ropes, visible above the surface of the skin, called varicose veins. They can be blue, purple, or flesh colored.
2. Pain in the legs. Painful, aching, fatigued legs are a classic sign of vein disorders. Whether these symptoms are constant, or if they are the most difficult at the end of the day, this is a common symptom.
3. Nighttime leg discomfort. Restless leg syndrome, where legs move involuntarily during sleep, is often linked to vein disorders. Leg cramping is another symptom that may appear with or without restless legs, but both can happen at night, inhibiting a good night’s sleep.
4. Skin changes. These can take many forms, such as an itching or burning sensation on the skin around affected veins. Other changes may be skin thickening or discoloration in certain areas, such as around the ankles or on the feet.
5. Venous ulcers or open sores. These can form on the skin of your legs, feet, or other affected areas. Ulcers and sores signal poor circulation and an insufficient blood flow, slows wound healing.

Vein disorders can worsen with age, so it’s a good idea to have vein issues evaluated by a physician before they progress into more serious problems, such as blood clotting. There are many minimally-invasive treatments available to remove unwanted veins and treat painful symptoms.

At Advanced Vein Center in South Portland, Maine, we specialize in vein disorders, and provide safe, effective treatments to help patients return to optimal health quickly. Whether you are dealing with varicose veins, restless legs, or non-specific leg pain and fatigue, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation.