Treating Large Varicose Veins with Ultrasound-Guided Ambulatory Phlebectomy

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You can’t stand to look at your varicose veins, especially since they are large. It looks like you have ropes running under your skin. Not only are these twisting, blue veins a blemish, but they can also cause great discomfort. Your legs ache all of the time and feel so heavy that it is hard to stay active.

You have tried compression stockings and walking to ease your pain. The problem is they throb so much that you have to get off of your feet. If your varicose veins are holding you back, ultrasound-guided ambulatory phlebectomy may be able to help you.

What is Ultrasound-Guided Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

This is a relatively simple procedure that can help you to conquer your varicose veins. It’s performed in our office on an outpatient basis. An ultrasound device is used to pinpoint the source of your varicose veins. Local anesthesia means less downtime while it ensures your comfort during the procedure.

The next step is to remove your varicose vein. Our doctor will make tiny incisions in the skin. In some cases, the varicose vein may simply collapse. In other cases, our doctor can gently remove the veins that have been causing you so much trouble. If your varicose veins are removed, a special tool can grab hold of the vein to pull it out through the tiny incisions. The entire procedure usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Once your procedure is over, you will likely be given compression stockings to apply pressure to your legs. This will help to promote better circulation. Once your varicose veins have been treated with ultrasound-guided phlebectomy and you have fully healed, you should be much more comfortable.

You’ll notice a considerable difference when your legs no longer ache and you don’t feel like you have to put up your feet all of the time. The more you walk and become active, the less likely you are to be affected by varicose veins again.

Talk to Our Doctor About Ultrasound-Guided Phlebectomy

You’ve struggled with varicose veins long enough. If you are tired of covering up your legs because your varicose veins make you self-conscious, it’s time you did something about it. Most importantly, you need to find relief. No one should have to live with the pain that comes with varicose veins.

Make an appointment to see our doctor at the Advanced Vein Center and ask about ultrasound-guided phlebectomy. You will be able to solve your problem once and for all when you come in for an ultrasound-guided ambulatory phlebectomy procedure, which can finally give you relief. Your varicose veins can be completely eliminated, helping you to feel and look better. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at our office in South Portland.